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Real Estate in Windsor and surrounding Communities
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3 Reasons a newly-constructed Windsor home needs an inspection.

You might think that since the home you wish to buy here in Windsor is newly constructed, you don’t need to have it professionally inspected.

But yes, you do, for three reasons:

  1. Not all contractors are honest – some deliberately cut corners that will cost you money later.
  2. Mistakes happen, and sometimes contractors trust subcontractors when they shouldn’t.
  3. Building inspectors aren’t always as thorough as they should be.

A case in point is the story of an inspector who crawled into the attic of a new home to find that the vent pipe from the bathroom had not been installed. It was laying there, ready to go, but no one had taken time to connect it. Had he not found that oversight, before long the attic would have begun to mold, due to the moisture coming from the bathroom fan.

Inspectors look at everything with an unbiased eye and will tell you if a problem is minor or if it should be corrected before you sign the closing papers. The few hundred dollars of expense could save you many thousands – or save you from purchasing a house that is poorly built.


So yes, you do need an inspection on a new home. And if your home is still under construction, it’s wise to have your inspector take a look at various stages – while he or she can still see what’s going on underneath the siding, wall-board, and flooring.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-owned home or new construction, give me a call. I’d love to show you what’s available in your price range in your preferred neighborhoods in and around Windsor.


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