Real Estate in Windsor and surrounding Communities
Romy Campbell

Real Estate in Windsor and surrounding Communities
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The reason why some Windsor homes sell faster …

Many factors go into making a home sell faster. Price, location, condition, and marketing top the list. But there’s one very important factor very few agents mention: agent reputation.   Your Windsor listing agent’s reputation will determine the number of buyer agents who hurry to bring buyers to your home when it comes on the […]

3 Reasons a newly-constructed Windsor home needs an inspection.

You might think that since the home you wish to buy here in Windsor is newly constructed, you don’t need to have it professionally inspected. But yes, you do, for three reasons: Not all contractors are honest – some deliberately cut corners that will cost you money later. Mistakes happen, and sometimes contractors trust subcontractors […]

Getting a Loan to buy a home in Windsor this year? Plan ahead for pre-approval.

One of the first steps you should take as a potential Windsor home buyer is getting a loan pre-approval before you start viewing homes. This will reveal the correct price range, the amount of down payment required, and the type of loan you’ll need. You won’t waste time looking at homes that simply won’t fit. If […]